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woooooo [08 Mar 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | happy ]

WE BEAT EL COOOOOOOO 2-1 fuckin awesome game thanks to every1 who went!!!!!!

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my weekend [07 Mar 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i hada fun weekend and vice was awesome!
friday i hada game and we beat granada hills woohoo then i played cards and lost as usual :(

saturday i woke up at 645 for the basketball game which was sucha fuckin good game wow. then i came back for my baseball game against chaminade and we tied them which is bullshit we shoulda fuckin beat them then i got home and got ready for vice with morgan :) vice was awesome morgan looked amazin! i danced alot and the dance was soooooooooo much fun then we left and we drove around ALOT which was okay but i sure wish there was some paries or something to do and thats it.

sunday i just rested

MORGAN- thanks for takin me to vice!!! i had an awesome time! i love u!

and i have a game 2marrow, every1 should go even tho no1 will but just incase its against our biggest rivalries ever, el co at 6 under the lights at birmingham highschool... go!!!!!!

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my weeeeeeeeeeeeekend [29 Feb 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i hada good weekend im too tired to write ne thin right now so ill make it short

friday: first i went to sushi with jessica max ronen new mike and yefgeny went to chases while it lasted then went to el co and hungout there.

saturday: i had 2 games again and we won both! we are going to be good this year.. when i got home from that it was like 830 and i went to wes's then to logans. logans was soooooo much fun, one of the best this year i don remember some of it for the first time usually i remember everythin.

sunday: wen lookin for vice shit and it was so gay this is the gayest theme i think ive ever seen in my life theres only like one costume u can be and thats a freakin pirate and its so ahrd to dress up for that! :(

now im tired and i hate school and don wanna go

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gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy weekend! [22 Feb 2004|06:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]

this was sucha gay weekend wow!

friday i wen to the game then i went to chases and wes's which was gay cuz i was sober n i watched people drink n stuff

saturday i was sposed to have a game but it got canceled and it was a gay day and at night we went to tories which was also the gayest ever cuz there was no alcohol or ne thing and i din feel like being there and then we went to jessica's for a lil bit which was better.. ooo ya i forgot to say i fuckin hate hold em i lost 15 bux in that piece of shit game :(

2day i had a buttload of hw which i dint do and i watched a movie called equilibrium which was kinda tight and now im here bored

this was a gay weeked i hope next is better!

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my weekend 4 day weekend :) [16 Feb 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

i had sucha good weekend! i did alotta shit tho

thursday i went to the basketball game for the championship and we fuckin lost and i was bumbed out about that, after that i forgot what i did and no i wasnt drunk

friday i forgot what i did again i dunno what the shit is wrong with me and friday night i went to nahals and got drunk and used my beer bong with all my friends and it was fun :) after nahals ronen, jamie and i went b ack to baileys house and talked that was a fun night.

saturday was vday :{ i din have ne 1 to share it with! whata shame... but saturday night i went to baileys house with my friends and we got BG drunk! and that was the greatest thing ever those freshman kids are lil pimps and i din drink that night cuzzzzzzz i was stuck drivin and i hada game the next day.

sunday i hada game and then i had to goto the baseball field and shovel dirt which was quite some fun... lemme tell u. after that i went to quinns AND TAYLERS house and got drunk there again with a buncha people and i had alotta fun... and i met a buncha new people :}

monday i went to big 5 n got this shit for my garage thats a gym n uncle wes and auntie new mike came over and helped me build it..

now im sittin here thinking about the weekend and im sad its over and im gonna cry my brains out cuz i hate school more then hot dogs.
- Alex


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my weekend :] [08 Feb 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

my weekend was awesome! on friday i couldnt do much because the next day i had a double header in valencia but friday night i went to the game then went to chases house with ronen n people then i went home

saturday was an excitin day i had 2 baseball games in valencia and after that we had our baseball party where everyone got initiated. for ne 1 that doesn kno me that well i cant eat a hot dog they are the sickest things ever known to man...guess what my initiation was? i had to eat 2 hot dogs! yayyyyyyy i puked 4 times. after every1 was initiated people made speeches n stuff and it was emotional as hell, sounds gay but it was. lots of teamates cried ... i teared too :( i thot this night was awesome tho my teamates and i bonded together we are a huge family now. i also got drunk as shit, i havn been that drunk in a while...testas a funny drunk. we decided to call soo many people.. and we had some funny conversations and left some funny messages. brittany rosenblum tell ur dad sorry lol testa called at like 2 and said some funny shit to him and hung up lol that was the end of that night

sunday i had another baseball game and now im here

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sdj;flskdjf [01 Feb 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | drained ]

welll my weekend pretty much sucked cept for some parts:

friday i went to the bball game and we won again cuz we are amazing then we went to parias but we werent allowed in cuz souza wasnt invited or osmething i udnno was really gay then we went to shyans house. that was chill.

saturday i went to jonny rockets for a lil for skylers bday thing. then i went to chases and it was gay cuz i hada drive drunk people around :( kevin was a mess especially at dennys. thennnnnn when i got home i saw a fat dent in my car :( so i guess some1 with a red car hit me at chases which is really gay cuz its all scratched n shit.

sunday i went to wes's superbowl/ bday party which was fun, but too bad the fuckin panthers lost :( i think they should get some lavitra to get back in there game, lol to the people that were there


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yayyyyy [29 Jan 2004|05:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

yaayyyyyyyy i got asked to vice 2day by morgan! :) im happy we are goin! ur shmee and im tinkerbell right? lol

sorry i forget to tell what happend, sooooooo she made me brownies and wrote a sign on the board for me durin 2nd period, but guess what! i was at teh dentist office and i dint see it so i ruined it all! :( even tho i told wes i hada dentist appointment but thats okay i sitl love him and im happy she asked me!

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best weekend ever!!!!! [25 Jan 2004|10:26pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

ok so u guys kno what happend on friday and on saturday ronen and i met up with souza bailey jayme julia and leslie and we went back to julias got drunk then went to lauren takemotos and had sooo much fun, after that we went back to baileys where i found a helmet that i fell in love iwht. and when we were at baileys we ordered a porn and watched it with like 37823847 people was interesting. then i came home and stuff and sunday i wen to morgans then home then to new mikes and i chilled there for the day withi mat mike wes and kevin. we went to sushi after and saw Butterfly Effect. HOLY SHIT EVERY1 SEE IT I THINK IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! HAHA and now im here waitin to goto sleep and have school 2marrow :( but overall i had the best weekend ive had in soooooooooooooooo long. good weekend after finals :)

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Yesturday [24 Jan 2004|03:24pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well my day started off shitty cuz i bombed my chem final but w/e its okay. then after school new mike and i went surfing and met up with damien stucchi marcus katie and erin. and when we were surfin we saw some people then we came home and mat brought these girls to new mikes. after i wen to the commons met up with wes souza baron bailey lisa julia gulia jayme and a buncha other people. then we went to wes's for a lil i started to drink there then we went to talias and i got drunk :) i couldnt find the squash tho so thats okay. i had fun tho and now im home from baseball and bored.

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im bored [19 Jan 2004|09:01pm]
well lets see here, i had a fun weekend! and i did alot:

I went to the basketball game and we won again cuz we are just amazing... then i went to jeremy mendolsons which was fun but crazy with that fight n shit after that we went to keiths and chilled there for a lil then i went home.

I hada baseball game nice and early which sucked, G-d forbid we freakin sleep in on a saturday! and we lost :( then i went home and slept and at night i went to sushi with maximus, new mike, mat, and bailey. then we came back to my house and went to keiths for like 5 min till we got kicked out for some reason. thennnnnnn we had nowhere to go and my mom was outta town so i hada kickback and wes steven ronen big al mat brittany talia and steph and taaj an some other people came over and some drunk fux decided to go ding dong ditching and throw rocks at windows so the stupid security gaurd made a police report that ugly. then yefgeny and saunders came over too.

drove to new port then back and then i went to city walk with souza hannah steph and ronen which was fun, lol i did my lil walk and people stared at me like im crazy was funny and then we came back and went to talias and i drank a lil.

wen to barnes and nobles to try and do some studyin but that din work at all :(

overall my weekend was really good! good weekend to have b4 finals lol
- Alex
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my weekend [11 Jan 2004|07:57pm]
ihada fun weekend kinda
i went to the basketball game and that was alotta fun, it was a good game. then i wen to hannahs with souza and amy and we watched finding nemo, but some1 din stop singing and ruining the movie for us but thats okay
i hada baseball game and played like shit. then i filmed a stupid project at wes's then wen to a party and got drunk and had fun :)
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hi [10 Jan 2004|01:58am]
[ mood | blah ]

i dunno what im doin here but i got a live journal cuz i dunno lol so say something or ill shoot u

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