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my weekend :]

my weekend was awesome! on friday i couldnt do much because the next day i had a double header in valencia but friday night i went to the game then went to chases house with ronen n people then i went home

saturday was an excitin day i had 2 baseball games in valencia and after that we had our baseball party where everyone got initiated. for ne 1 that doesn kno me that well i cant eat a hot dog they are the sickest things ever known to man...guess what my initiation was? i had to eat 2 hot dogs! yayyyyyyy i puked 4 times. after every1 was initiated people made speeches n stuff and it was emotional as hell, sounds gay but it was. lots of teamates cried ... i teared too :( i thot this night was awesome tho my teamates and i bonded together we are a huge family now. i also got drunk as shit, i havn been that drunk in a while...testas a funny drunk. we decided to call soo many people.. and we had some funny conversations and left some funny messages. brittany rosenblum tell ur dad sorry lol testa called at like 2 and said some funny shit to him and hung up lol that was the end of that night

sunday i had another baseball game and now im here
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