.@.1.3.><. (tickle_nuts) wrote,

im bored

well lets see here, i had a fun weekend! and i did alot:

I went to the basketball game and we won again cuz we are just amazing... then i went to jeremy mendolsons which was fun but crazy with that fight n shit after that we went to keiths and chilled there for a lil then i went home.

I hada baseball game nice and early which sucked, G-d forbid we freakin sleep in on a saturday! and we lost :( then i went home and slept and at night i went to sushi with maximus, new mike, mat, and bailey. then we came back to my house and went to keiths for like 5 min till we got kicked out for some reason. thennnnnnn we had nowhere to go and my mom was outta town so i hada kickback and wes steven ronen big al mat brittany talia and steph and taaj an some other people came over and some drunk fux decided to go ding dong ditching and throw rocks at windows so the stupid security gaurd made a police report that ugly. then yefgeny and saunders came over too.

drove to new port then back and then i went to city walk with souza hannah steph and ronen which was fun, lol i did my lil walk and people stared at me like im crazy was funny and then we came back and went to talias and i drank a lil.

wen to barnes and nobles to try and do some studyin but that din work at all :(

overall my weekend was really good! good weekend to have b4 finals lol
- Alex
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